Our Mission

Blue Ocean mission is to leverage technology and incentive mechanism to end the post-consumer packaging and food waste crisis. Creating an ecosystem that brings new world order to the waste lifecycle process, advancing the circular economy and making sustainability a growth opportunity.

Strategy & goals

Core Blue Ocean strategy is to take its revolutionary tokenised ecosystem into new and uncontested recovery/reuse of waste space – where no business currently exists. This strategy provides for strong defensibility, powerful network effects and ensures all participants as token holders – backers, investors, eco-innovators, retail partners, supply chain businesses, recyclers and users – are incentivised by the system to contribute and aligned towards a common goal of sustainability and token growth. Creating a win-win for all participants where consumers, businesses and token values increase continuously.

This strategy provides for a holistic solution where all post-consumer product materials can be reused or recovered and repurposed, and hold value. For instance the system allows for the end-of-life reuse of food waste, a 1.6 billion tonne disaster and often the single largest component going into landfills, along with post-consumer food packaging – bioplastics, cardboard, paper. This decreases collection costs, improves composting outcomes and provides a valuable and sustainable resource for farmers to nourish crops and maintain food supply to retail partners. Closing the loop.

Our Team

As a global start-up with clear ambitions to change the world of waste we are currently offering strategic partners the opportunity to take a seed investment stake in the company.

Highly experienced CMO and Creative Director.
Expertise in delivering brands that have a meaningful impact on consumers.
Worked on iconic brands in diverse markets such as Russia, New Zealand, India, Brazil, USA and Singapore

Fernando Fernandes
Chief Marketing Officer

14 years as co-founder and CBO at Unistraw.
Raised ~$20 million.
0 to 1 billion flavour straws sold first 7 years
Experienced in international business, deal negotiation, business intelligence, partnership development

Brian Direen

Strong background in building impactful digital platforms
A web enthusiast and tech nerd who appreciates the power of the web to create engaging experiences
Owns digital agency based in Beijing, providing website design services, web strategy, mobile commerce

Alex Dodkin
Chief Technology Officer

Graduate of prestigious Arts Academy, Taipei
Experienced digital agency Production Manager having worked in Beijing, Shenzhen and Taipei
Excellent people / partner relationship skills
Fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese and English

Sasha Fu
Partner Development