Our Solution

Holistic approach

Blue Ocean has developed an incentive-based system that will provide a wholesale shift towards recycling, reduction, and reuse of waste.

Solution to coffee chains and restaurants

First stage of the Blue Ocean project is to provide a solution to coffee chains and restaurants where all customer packaging and food waste can be recovered and reused creating compelling social and economic value propositions for both retailers and customers.

Blue Ocean Smart Bins

Distributed around the city our smart bins provide a convenient way for consumers to dispose of packaging and food waste. Coming with auto ID, geo-location and fill level sensors the Smart Bins are suitable for retail, office & community use.

Unique Rewards Program

On disposing the coffee cup, along with other leftover packaging and food, in the Blue Ocean Bin, the user receives a cash-back payment in the form of BlueO tokens. These can then be used to buy products from retail partners, virtual goods or simply held on to, to benefit from coin growth.

Bin Collection & Composting

Bins are delivered to highly efficient, small-footprint in-vessel composting stations situated close to the material source. Compost is sold back to farmers connecting the circle.

A new way to engage with customers, attain social currency and create lasting environmental benefits.


Compostable bio cups, lids, straws, bags designed by Blue Ocean, produced by our partner.

In Customers Hands

Our retail partners use bio cups & food packaging for their customers.

Blue Ocean Smart Bins

Customers dispose of the bio-packaging and food waste through a Blue Ocean Smart Bins and earn BlueO tokens.

Blue Ocean Marketplace

Customers of our retail partners can use their BlueO tokens to gain special rewards through our marketplace.

Waste Pickup

Waste is picked up and sent to a highly efficient urban compost stations.

Recycled into Compost

Once the waste is turned into compost, farmers receive the fertilizer to grow sustainable food for Retail Businesses.